Wednesday, January 18, 2006

IPOD Scare: I had an ipod scare this morning. I couldn't get it to work at all, nothing, complete freeze up and I even tried resetting it the way they instruct on their website. Still nothing. Then I called tech support and while waiting they described another way to reset. It worked. I was sweating it. Something that cost $300 should work for a little more than 7 months...and it does. It just wanted to scare me.

MAC: I have been debating the idea in my mind in getting a mac. The primary reason is that for pc's to be so widely used and windows to be the software of choice and used by almost every person in the world with a sucks. Millions use your product so make it mediocre. I don't understand that. My brother in law is better than most with computers he tells me that if I want optimum performance from my pc I need to completely reformat it every 6 months. Now that's just silly, not him saying that but the fact that it seems to be true.

Apple has just released the news about the intel chip being inside the new MacBook Pro that boast 4x the speed of the powerbook G4. Holy Crap I want one!

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Mike said...

go for it! make the switch and you'll never go back. We switched to mac right before moving to hk and love it!