Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Read a quote: I'd rather be used up than rusting away.

Bowl: College football is the greatest sport. I think one could convince me that college basketball is but right now it being bowl season I'm going to say that college football is the best. People complain about there being no playoffs and sometimes a split championship but I think the rankings do add a good bit of excitement to the game. It is obvious that the rankings aren't perfect when #3 ranked Penn State inches out a win over #22 ranked Florida State team but I think they add something to the game. This year, of course, there is no debate. The two time champ is still unbeaten going up against an excellent Texas team. I'm rooting for texas because afterall who doesn't like the underdog.

The other reason I'm cheering for Texas. Three-Peat. Did you know that Pat Riley gets paid 300K every time that is used because he came up with it when the Bulls three peated in the 90's. I don't hate Pat Riley or anything but...make money off of a word. Crazy.

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