Saturday, January 28, 2006

Two mullet sightings in the past week. The picture above was taken at wal-mart and is a beautiful example of the female version of the mullet. Also known as the She-Mullet or as I like to say the "chic-let"

This mullet is pretty rare and you don't find it very often...of course who's looking. This is what I like to call the "moca-mullet", part moccasin part mullet. This was a hard call because is that a mohawk or not. I finally just had to make the call and take the picture. The final vote was it is a mullet not a mohawk because the 'hawk clears the collar and is not sticking up. Behold the Mocamullet.

1 comment:

Knotter said...

"Excuse me, would you mind if I photographed your sweet mullet?"

That's just too funny!