Thursday, January 12, 2006

Free: So I went to Starbucks today just to clear my head and get some vision and believe it or not ask God to speak to me. I just hear better with the smell of roasted coffee beans in the air. So I go in with my man purse containing my bible and church planter's work book that I need to get done. I hear the girl behind the counter complaining that their signature sharpie that they use to write on cups is out of ink. I'm a sharpie freak (within reach right now I know of at least 4 and there is one in my truck) so I reach in my bag and find the blue one, that I seldom use and I handed it to the girl. I figured they would give me my drink for free for the sharpie and was regretting only ordering a tall iced coffee I should have gone for the triple shot venti white mocha or something like that. Well better than giving me my $2 iced coffee for free she gave me a coupon for a drink in the future. And then I get to the counter where you get your drink and that girl gave me a coupon too. I told her the other already gave me one but she told me to keep it anyway. So because of my sharpie fascination I was given about $10 worth of Starbucks today. Whooo-hoooooo!

Insert: I'm talking to a new neighbor today. "Hi I'm Nick" she says "my name is Tonya" I notice Tonya has an accent it sounds Wisconsin. "Are you from up north somewhere?" she says "Germany"

Well that explains the accent but what explains me being totally off as to where she was from?

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