Friday, January 13, 2006

Chili's: Heather and I went to Chili's tonight. The one we went to is in a really cool mall and there is also an excellent play area that Nathan really enjoys. Another reason we went there was our friend BJ was working. I had the Fajita Pita and Heather had the Monterey Chicken with taquitos. BJ supplied the free drinks, chips and salsa and the broccoli cheese soup. Even without the free grub it was the best dining experience I've had in a long time. The food was good the company great and the server excellent.

Snow boots: So I'm not fashion policeman but these snow boots the girls are wearing around are down right silly. I'm sure someone told them somewhere down the line that this was style but let's let common sense rule the day. So I thought I'd write a brief method for finding out what you are wearing looks stupid regardless of what stores are selling.

1. Put on desired clothes for the day
2. Look in mirror
3. ask self "self, do you look stupid?" if the answer is yes repeat steps 1-3 if the answer is not proceed with regular schedule.

Pat: So I now live in the dominion of Pat Robertson. I'm not going to comment right now but I will later. In the meantime check out this article.

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