Thursday, January 19, 2006

Youth Group: Last night I spoke at a Youth Group for the first time since about Thanksgiving. It was at my old youth group and the church I grew up in so it was a neat experience for me. It was probably one of the first times I spoke at a group that wasn't "mine". I realized how much I rely on relationships and rapport with people when I speak. I think that is a good thing but the dynamic changes when you have no prior relationships and have about 3.3 seconds to gather their attention.

The night went very well and I left feeling like the students knew me better and I knew them better. To top it all off I'd say at least half were paying attention when I was talking, either that or they are good pretenders.

Sunday: This sunday I preach for the first time representing my district for Church Multiplication. I'm excited to get this going and, I must admit, kind of nervous. The good news is about the nervous part is that it's never about me but about what God wants his people to hear, I just have the privilege of being the one who says it. I just want to work hard to be faithful to such an important task. That and I do want to generate support and excitement in people across our district for church multiplication (aka- church planting).

Mark 4:26-29 will be my primary text with a little back up from Nehemiah. I also need to share about Suffolk and the church plant so the sermon can't be very long. I want to give a basic overview of the text and some observations I've made.

  1. Growth is God's responsibility (planting and harvesting ours).
  2. Grain has been growing and we haven't been looking.
  3. Reaching the harvest now will look different than ever before as it must for every generation.
  4. The harvest is ready.

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